Published 1st Sep, 2020

rcl is a simple command line wrapper for rclone focused on easy folder syncing. It is loosely based on git's interface and therefore uses the concepts of "local" and "remote" along with having commands such as pull, push and diff.

I created rcl as I found rclone commands to be quite cumbersome. This offers an easier way to interact with cloud storage from the command line and is especially suited to archival storage where you only need to update files occasionally.

It is published on PyPi here: https://pypi.org/project/rcl/.

Example Usage

This project is designed to be used as a wrapper around rclone, so initial setup of remotes still has to be done through rclone. Once you have setup a remote (for example called gdrive) you can do things like...

# Add a new local/remote pair called "music"
rcl add music /home/user/Music gdrive:Music

# View the difference betwen the local and remote folder
rcl diff music

# Push local changes to the remote. (Sync remote with local).
rcl push music

# Pull remote changes to your local. (Sync local with remote).
rcl pull music